Search Engine Optimisation

Leeds West Yorkshire

Number 1 on google - I managed to get this site to number 1 on google using great SEO techniques and some off-site tools. The main keywords I suggested were "illustrator Leeds" & "illustrator in Leeds" & "illustrator Yorkshire" focusing on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The SEO results took over 6 months to settle down to our top position, but I was very happy to of got the best results for the client. There was a bonus to the design of this site because it has less click through to get to the images, which was always the main selling point to the site.

Domains Help SEO

This was an exclusive website designed to be for the more discerning property investor with very deep pockets. The agreed SEO keywords for the site were "Elite Property Bodrum", I managed to get this to number 1 on google for the suggested keywords and it’s still number 1 today 4 years later. This was relatively easy since I acquired the domain but we used to come in the top 10 of google for the search "Property Bodrum" although this is no longer the case because there is so much competition as there are hundreds of estate agents in the area and they all have hundreds of properties for sale.

SEO For Your Site was a real challenge as they were new to their industry and they needed business to survive. We agreed keywords of "photobooth hire Leeds" and "photo booth hire Leeds" and I have had great results after tweaking their site's SEO. I didn't use Moz or any other tools but instead just used all my skills at SEO and after writing and editing good copy combined with links pointing to their site, and making sure their business can be found and verified on Google. I also did a lot of hidden SEO all of which combined has had great results of being in the top 4 of google for both search terms.

Flash No More is my showcase website design Leeds that I used to get business from building interactive media for the property industry. It was only a Flash site so would not rank in google or else-where. So there is little SEO here. However, it was very important to be first on google for anyone searching for beuis. I managed that with ease just by filling out a few offline tweaks and completed any webmaster tools that needed completing.

SEO Leeds - I got this site to number 1 on google using great SEO techniques and some off-site tools. The main keywords I suggested were "African Circus" & "African dream circus" focusing on Yahoo, Google, and Bing. The SEO results took 3 months which was great for the client. However, the client has not paid for some time so there ranking for "African circus" has slipped in recent months. I could fix this with SEO tweaks, but they are unwilling to pay for this service.